Mr K Prakash Shetty
The founder Chairman of this group, Mr K.Prakash Shetty is a passionate and committed hospitality magnate with over two and half decades of experience in the realms of hospitality and real estate. His passion for fine dining began with his launching of Banjara in 1993, from whence there has been no looking back. His innate desire to provide a dining experience that was unique made him forge ahead with the formation of a slew of restaurants and hotels. His astute leadership skills ensured that ‘Goldfinch” a brand he created for his boutique hotel chain was unmatched with their understated luxury and sophistication. His growth as a formidable businessman was underlined when he moved with purpose and conviction into the realty sector and diversified his businesses into infrastructure with the launch of Trishul Buildtech & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Asha City Builders and Developers. The launch of the “Raheja Waterfront” in Kulai, Mangalore in March 2011 was a high point in this direction.

In spite of his phenomenal growth and success, Mr Shetty is still committed to societal needs and a strong leaning to help the poor and underprivileged. He continues to assist and aid numerous students with their educational needs. His contribution towards the building of the “Asha Prakash Shetty Bhavana Convention Hall” at the Bunts Sangha in Bangalore is one of his many such actions to aid society at large.

Over the years Mr Shetty has won many accolades and recognitions from both the state and national governments. He was honoured by the Bruhuth Bangalore Hotel Associations at their Amruth Mahotsav celebrations for his contribution to Society and for his achievements in the Hotel Industry. He has been conferred with the ‘Best Intellectual Award in Corporate Leadership” by the Global Achievers Foundation, and the Bharath Gaurav Ratan Award by the Indian Organization for Commerce and Industry in 2012. He has also been awarded the ‘Tipu Sultan Award’ at Bangalore and the ‘International Goldstar Millineum Award’ in Thailand for his outstanding services, achievements and contributions to the Hospitality Industry.
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